Here’s Why you need Social Media Marketing for your Business

by | Jun 23, 2019 | Blog, Social Media Marketing

As of 2019, there are about 3.5 billion active users of social media. These are users you can potentially reach if your business utilized social media as a marketing tool. This is called Social Media Marketing. More and more consumers are looking into social media to find products and services they need. That said, they cannot find you if you are not in the platform in the first place. Do NOT miss out.  Set up your social media accounts. This is a high time to utilize social media marketing for your business. If you are still unconvinced, here are some reasons why you should consider using social media platforms as tools to boost your market reach:

Social Media Marketing is FREE

The most important thing you need to know about social media marketing is that you can pull it off completely FREE. You do not have to spend one penny in order to build your business page. A few clicks is all it takes and your account is created. In some platforms, such as Facebook, you can specify that you are setting up a business page. Options like these open up your page to more marketing tools than what is available to average users. Eventually, some outlets will allow you to pay for ads in exchange for significant boosts in market reach. However, it is not always necessary. With proper management and good branding, a completely free social media page can be as effective as paid ones.

The point is, as a business, you should look into every opportunity to increase your market reach. Not only is social media perfect for this, it is also FREE if you choose it to be so. It is a marketing tool any business should utilize, especially when on a tight budget.

Social Media Platforms are easy-to-learn

Social media sites are being designed and updated to be more and more user-friendly these days. After all, it is expected that an average person should be able to use them. This is advantageous to you, especially when your business is not big enough to afford a website designer or a dedicated social media handler. When it comes to it, you can do it yourself.  Thanks to this simplicity, you do not need to rely on an expert to build and establish your page. Use the limited customization to your advantage. 

Meet your customers’ expectations and utilize social media by creating a persona for your business.

Social Media Marketing ‘humanizes’ your business

Most users come to social media sites to create their profile and connect with others with profiles of their own. Even if they may not know it, most users already expect that each social media page and profile has a human behind them — a human with quirks and personality. They come to your page expecting the same. In response to this, all you really need to do is to meet their expectations. Create a personality along with your social media account. This is the perfect opportunity to ‘humanize’ your business and make it relatable. In most cases, it also makes you likeable. Customers latch on to things they like — usually things with personalities. Meet your customers’ expectations and utilize social media by creating a likeable persona for your business.

Social Media Platforms are automatically optimized for Search Engines

Your online presence means nothing if your customers cannot find you. Lucky enough, most of the popular social media sites automatically optimize their content for the best search engine results. What this means for you is that your social media page will be more likely to appear on the first page of a search engine’s search results. As a result, you become easier to find. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a rather meticulous process that you need to maintain if you want to keep a strong and visible online presence. With most social media platforms, you can skip the SEO process and jump straight to creating good content and  improving your products and services.

Social Media Platforms integrate effective Marketing Tools

As briefly mentioned earlier, most of the popular social media platforms have already integrated business options and marketing tools into their systems. It is no longer bizarre to use social media as a marketing tool as the platforms themselves already support this practice anyway. Most social media platforms automatically record your page engagement and interactions, giving you more insights on the directions you can go with your business. They also automatically search customers who are interested in your products and, should you opt to boost your sales by paying for ads, some platforms automatically push your ads to potential customers. It’s convenient and effective.  For these reasons, you truly are missing out if your business doesn’t try it.

Your customers are already in the platform

Probably the most obvious reason why you should consider getting into social media marketing is this: your customers are already there waiting for you. It is just logical. If you can provide the convenience of providing answers to your customers’ questions, without requiring them to move away from their comfortable social media accounts, they will love you for it. With this in mind, bring your business to where your customers already are. Send them a message: “We are where you are. We are the fast and convenient way!”

Your social media is not a replacement to your website; it is a complement.

Social Media Marketing complements your Website Growth Strategy

Your website is your control center. It is where you can control your brand and guide your customers through a buyer’s journey. But what good is a well-made website without traffic? Your social media accounts can be an effective strategy to ensure that there is always good traffic in your website. As a marketing tool, your social media should always lead your customers to your website. Your social media is not a replacement to your website, it is a complement.

Social media marketing is cheap (you literally have the option to have it for FREE), convenient, and has a wide reach. It is the perfect partner to your website if you want to ensure stronger online presence. It is where your customers are and where you should be too. Social Media is indubitably a strong marketing tool. Effective business owners would know better to utilize it as soon as they can. Would you?

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