4LOOP Website Design Breakdown: 7 Things to include on your Business Website

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According to 2019 statistics, 38% of users bounce away from websites with unattractive content or layout. On another usability report, 44% of website visitors leave business websites that do not provide contact information. Needless to say, smart website design matters especially if you are looking to grow your company with a business website. What you put on your website matters. For this blog article, we are examining our very own website to identify 7 things every business website should include in its website design.

1. Your best works and deals

Users are very fast-paced. It only takes a few minutes for visitors to decide whether to stop and leave or to continue engaging with your site. Within those few minutes, you have to be able to show them your best. There’s a reason why a lot of websites use banner headers. They showcase existing promos and recent portfolio entries. Showcasing your best deals and work prominently can serve 3 purposes: 1) it potentially shortens your customer’s search for your best deals, giving them a more pleasant experience with your business website; 2) it immediately puts your best foot forward as your expertise are given the spotlight; and 3) with proper design, it adds a pleasant aesthetic to your website. With this, the visitor’s first few minutes on your site are not wasted and are even used for the succeeding decision-making by the visitor.

2. A brief description of your business

This is important for obvious reasons: you need to introduce yourself to your visitor. It’s one of the first things visitors go through before proceeding to the rest of the site. Keep it brief while on the home page. In 2 to 3 lines, your business description should be able to introduce your company, the work you do, and your goals. Keep it short and simple, as the more detailed introduction should be reserved for the About Us page. The About Us page is essential to your business website. It is a more in-depth introduction to your business and can be very effective in gaining customer trust. On this page, take your time to discuss your vision as a company, the history of your brand, or little stories that relate to your identity as a business.

 In 2 to 3 lines, your business description should be able to introduce your company […] Keep it short and simple.

3. Quick and easy navigation

Most users use a website’s navigation tool to orient themselves within the site. Without proper navigation tools, the user experience can be very frustrating. Keep in mind some of the following website navigation conventions.

  • Visitors usually expect the company logo to be a homepage button
  • Visitors usually expect to see the navigation menu at the top-right of the website.  
  • Never lead to dead-ends! Each website page must have the same navigation tools to allow users to explore most of the website from anywhere in the website.

4. Content

There are plenty of reasons why content creation should matter in your website. Content creation is a great opportunity to showcase your expertise in your field. Quality content is also one of the main driving forces of your business website’s traffic. It’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) opportunities are boundless and could bring a lot of traffic to your website. When it meets your customer’s needs, content also drives engagement and customer loyalty. Needless to say, any website should regularly create content to stay dynamic and relevant. Showcase your best or most recent content on your landing page as much as you would showcase your portfolio.

5. Your Social Media Pages

Your users and visitors likely spend more time on their social media accounts than on your website. This makes setting up your social media business page a good move to take advantage of the platform’s reach. Treat your social media pages as distributors of content from your central online hub — your website. Link them to each other and let them complement each other in expanding your online presence.

Showcase your best content on your landing page as much as you would showcase your portfolio.

6. Quick Contacts

Once on the homepage, visitors usually expect to see the business’ contact information and a significant number of these visitors leave websites that do not offer them. As your central online hub, your business website should include all relevant information about your company, including the contact information. In fact, you should not stop with just displaying your receiving email and number. Provide quick call or message features on your website to incentivize customer-initiated communications and increase your customer engagement.

7. Clear Call to Action

Your website call-to-action (CTA) separates your website from a glorified slideshow. A clear CTA compels your customers to engage with you further or even make a purchase. Use CTA’s aggressively but not intrusively. Offer them right from the landing page, and in every other page. Allow each page to be an invitation for the user to take your desired action from them, whether it’s a purchase, rent, or subscription.

Unlike the domain and host, a website can still go online without having proper website design. However, keep in mind that your website is your shop window and customers usually prefer clean and well-designed windows over dirty and unorganized ones. The design and functionality of your business website directly influences the overall user experience of customers, which in turn directly influences your website traffic and sales. Design your website with these 7 essential elements to ensure a great user experience for your business website. If you are having trouble finding the right design or template yourself, you can hire experts to do the magic for you. 4LOOP creates amazing website designs that are beautiful in form and intuitive in function — the perfect balance between creativity and technology. Hire us to design your website today!

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